With A+ School Rewards, points accrue with each purchase that uses a Giant rewards card. Anyone with a Giant rewards card can participate (parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, etc.).

As in previous years, the money raised this year will continue to support the purchasing of student agenda books and Time For Kids subscriptions, which are used in the classrooms.

To register:            
Visit the Giant website at 
Register your card
Designate the schools to support:
Centerville Elementary School ID# 04828

While you should not need to re-register your card for this year, PLEASE log into your account and verify Centerville Elementary School list listed as your designated school.

Did you know that if every family donated $30.00 per student at the beginning of each year, the PTA's yearly budget would be fully funded?

Even if you choose not to participate in any of fundraising programs listed below, please consider a one-time donation of $30.00 or more/student with a check made out to: "Centerville PTA". Or, you can donate using PayPal!

It's tax deductible too!!!!


Many parents ask this as they get started in the public school system - especially with all the property taxes we pay each year. Funding for schools does a good job of covering our buildings, teacher salaries, administration, books and other necessities. But lost in that are some much needed enrichment programs and community building activities that make the overall learning environment what it needs to be for all of our kids. In order to provide this overall learning environment, we must raise funds - but fundraising is not our mission. The funds we receive are put to use for student programs, teacher resources, family-focused activities and school improvements. 

The PTA is working to streamline the fundraising calendar, trying to eliminate the constant "noise" by too frequent requests for money from school, sports teams, community organizations, houses of worship, etc. We are working to make a SINGLE successful Fundraising Event!!! We will be asking each student to participate in a letter/email writing campaign or for a flat donation per Centerville family. More information will be posted on this site so check back often for updates.

We are in need of two assistants per grade to help tally fundraising efforts.  To hear more contact Nazarene Dickens at

Please keep our students safe - Centerville E.S. and the PTA remind you that there should not be any unsupervised door-to-door selling. 

If you are interested in helping with CES fundraising efforts, or have a great fundraising idea, please contact

Additional Fundraising Opportunities
In addition to the ongoing fundraising programs listed below, CES PTA will be hosting various events and activities that will provide a chance to help fundraise (while also being fun for the kids). These activies and events can be found on our Current Events page!  

We have raised over $25,000 since Centerville opened its’ doors. This year our goal is $4,500, that’s over 45,000 Box Tops! We can easily achieve our goal if every student turns in 2 collection sheets (50 Box Tops)!

Box Tops offer 3 easy ways to earn cash for our school through everyday activities such as buying groceries, shopping online and signing up on the website.

Clip – Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products and send them to school. Box Tops coupons are worth 10¢ each. Look for double Box Tops and bonus Box Tops!

Shop – Shop at your favorite online stores through the Box Tops Marketplace. Up to 8% of each qualifying purchase is automatically donated to our school. There is no additional cost to your purchase and many exclusive deals and discounts can be found!

Sign up – One of the easiest ways you can help is to sign up to support our school on the website. You will learn about new and easy ways to help our school earn the extra cash it needs.

Exclusive web benefits:

See how much our school is earning with Box Tops
Enter online promotions for chances to win Bonus Box Tops
Print money-saving coupons for your favorite Box Tops brands
Make mealtime easier with family-pleasing recipes

Thanks for choosing to make a difference for our school with Box Tops!