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Daily from 11:25am - 1:15pm

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K 11:25-11:55
1 11:55-12:25
2 12:40-1:10
3 11:15-11:45
4 12-12:30
5 12:45-1:15

Thank you for wanting to get involved! Volunteers play a vital role in the success of a school and the achievement of its students. Whether you have time to chair a committee or just an hour or two a month, PTA thanks you.

New to Centerville?  All volunteers must attend an in person orientation with a building tour prior to volunteering.  An online orientation is also required: CES Volunteer Orientation. After viewing the orientation presentation, you MUST also download and sign the Volunteer Agreement- located at the end of the power point. Print your certificate, sign and return with your student or drop it off at the main office.   Our Vice Principal; Mrs. Neeley Miller will coordinates tour.  Please email her your request to setup a physical tour of the building.

Every year volunteers must view the CES Volunteer Orientation, and return the signed  Volunteer Agreement to our Vice Principal; Mrs. Neeley Miller  either by email, or printing and sending it in with your scholar.

Everyone in the building is required to wear a badge and sign in at the front office using the computer.  If you would like your picture taken to get a reusable badge please come on picture day to get your picture taken.  Otherwise you will print a sticker when you use our computer system to sign in.  Remember all badges should be prominently displayed on your shirt.

Please remember to log your off site hours.  Simply enter your hours into the computer in the main office at the school.

Remember children who are not Centerville students are not allowed into Centerville during the school day.  Did you know that people watching your non Centerville students while you are volunteering can also log hours as a volunteer?   

Any questions?  Please email a board member.


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Get Involved - Volunteer!

Volunteer Training

Click HERE for the training. It is required by the school.